Zenthai Shiatsu

Movement medicine.
Ancient meets modern.
A contemporary blend of Thai Yoga Massage, Zen Shiatsu, & Osteopathy.
Informed by Five Element Theory, Traditional Chinese Medicine, & Taoism.

I am a certified Zenthai Therapist, having graduated the 9-month program in Australia's Sunshine Coast in 2022. It's a natural fit for me -- my passion and experience in Qi Gong and Massage Therapy aid me in providing you a nourishing & therapeutic Zenthai session. 

I am offering Zenthai from my home clinic. For now, please use the contact page to book.


What is Zenthai Shiatsu like?

Zenthai is a complex and subtle art form drawing on multiple bodywork lineages; the theoretical framework is based in TCM and Five Element Theory; the therapist's inner alignment is influenced by yoga and meditation practices. It's hard to describe! Here's what a zenthai session might look like:

  • Client is relaxed on a soft ground mat, fully clothed
  • Therapist uses leverage, gravity, and clever positioning to apply therapy to the client
  • Client is moved through a variety of postures - on the back, sidelying, and on the front
  • Therapist offers a combination of fascial unwinding, restorative stretches, deep tissue muscle release to aid in nervous system relaxation and deep healing

Still curious? Please explore the official Zenthai website via the button below.

Can I bill my health care provider for Zenthai sessions?

I can not offer this service for Zenthai sessions. Zenthai Shiatsu is positioned outside of the RMT Scope of Practice as defined by the CMTBC.

However, clothed floor massage, myofascial release, deep tissue release, and many joint mobilization techniques, are available to offer as an RMT. Together we can create a custom treatment that falls within the standards and ethics needed for my official RMT receipt.