Registered Massage Therapy

Thank you for considering booking with me! Follow the link below to be directed to my clinic website -- Victory Therapeutics, at UVic -- or contact me directly for appointments at my home treatment room (limited availability).

Note: You will have to create an account in order to access the clinic's booking portal, including viewing my availability. (It's very easy.)

Scroll further for more info about my approach to RMT.

It's simple. Really.

I'm not a fancy, high-tech therapist. (Be careful of those.) 

I work with you on relaxing the whole body. Together, we'll try to decrease your sensations of pain or tension. 

I know my anatomy really well. I understand how the body likes to move, and I keep up on my research. If needed, I could go Really Deep and utilise those fun 'physio' techniques. Or, I could help you achieve a deep trancelike state, downregulating the nervous system from the inside out. I'll use what I need to get you to your goal.

I think general swedish massage is under-rated and I'm not afraid to admit it. I like to work with trigger points. I think movement is fascinating. I believe massage should feel great.

Why Massage?

With a background in addictions & mental health, and a wealth of experience teaching meditation & mindful movement, I came to realize the most effective role for me in today's cerebral, individualistic society is to help you land in your body, and into connection. My massage work offers an ideal platform to assist you in nurturing wellness on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level, all while resting the busy mind.

I invite you to drop into the somatic realm of sensation and experience.

What to expect

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A typical treatment will involve a brief yet thorough discussion between us: Areas of discomfort, mobility restrictions, typical postures and movements, activities and hobbies, stress and sleep quality, and more. I might do some orthopedic assessment. Then, we'll agree on a custom-tailored treatment plan, and the hands-on work will begin. Afterwards, we'll have a quick de-briefing and ready ourselves for our next meeting. This could involve me dropping some knowledge on you, teaching you a new movement pattern or two, or agreeing on a minor lifestyle adjustment to try out.


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Most people would be fortunate to be receiving one massage every week. But what about those other 167 hours? Daily effort to work toward your physical/emotional goals (such as healing, resting, or strengthening) is key.

When you book a massage treatment with me, you will leave with more tools as to how to properly move, stretch, strengthen, and rest your body. Even the way we conceptualize ourselves, or think about healing, makes a big impact.  I am deeply aware of the bio-psycho-social links that unite seemingly unrelated factors together, and will help make you aware of these links too. You'll feel the difference in your healing.

The power of relationship

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Just as I strive to be as authentic as possible, there is no need to be anyone but yourself when we connect. The connection we will forge together (or the Therapeutic Relationship in physical therapy jargon) is often just as valuable in your healing as the massage itself. I try to be as transparent as possible with my treatment style, and I'm always glad to answer your questions or heed your suggestions. I will strive to make your massage experience as safe and effective as possible. This is your treatment -- consent is paramount, and I aim for safety and consideration.

health insurance 

As an  active RMT in good standing with the CMTBC, I am legit, and you can receive coverage from your health insurance provider for our sessions!

Do you direct bill? Yes, at UVic -- Victory Therapeutics does direct billing to many insurance companies. If you visit me at my home clinic, you will need to submit your receipt on your own. (It's quite simple and I can help you if needed.)