Mental Health & Addiction

I received a Bachelor's in Health Science - Addictions Counselling from the University of Lethbridge (AB) in 2014. I have worked in rehabilitation centers, family social services facilities, and have mentored at-risk young adults in employment & empowerment programs.

I occasionally offer individual counselling sessions with those who feel they would benefit from a holistically-informed, relationship-centered approach to healing. 

Please contact me for rates & bookings.

Please note I am not an RCC and cannot bill insurance providers for these services.

Healthy Lifestyle

Most understand that a lifestyle shift often necessitates nutritional shift (and vis versa). The food we eat influences the function of our mind and emotional wellbeing. However, I believe that excess focus on diet can distract from the fundamentals - nutrition as a part of overall life balance.  Your daily rhythm, sleep hygiene, even social interactions will impact your internal experience of health.

Further, as we develop and grow, the needs of the body will shift and change. Even the shifting of the seasons will change the needs of the body & mind. 

I understand and work within this adaptive system, drawing on Five Element theory and Buddhist philosophy to help nurture you on your journey towards vitality. 

Together we can create a holistic approach to your health, one that takes in to consideration the Whole of things.