Most people call me Adrian; my closest friends know me as Uddhava. It's a sanskrit name, given to me during the year I spent in at a yoga center in the Pacific Northwest. That year created a profound shift within me -- perhaps that's why the name Uddhava has stuck around ever since. (You can call me whatever you prefer.)

Holistic at heart

I strive to integrate the bio-psycho-social-spiritual lens in every session, whether technical sports massage, flowing Zenthai, or trauma processing. 

I think there is something out of order these days, and that much of the world is in need of healing. I believe that one person healing themselves contributes to the healing of our turbulent world. It's not selfish, and it's not "ignoring the issues" -- when we work to heal our life, we heal each other, and we heal humanity.

I advocate for what I believe in. I support old-growth forest protection, environmental conservation, BIPOC & LGBTQ+ freedoms, and indigenous sovereignty.

Modern science intersects ancient knowledge  

This is a great time to be a massage therapist and a healer. We are learning A LOT about neurology, pain, and healing processes. I am actively engaged with new discoveries in the realm of pain science. Yet I'm also a yogi, and a student of Five-Element theory. Luckily, these ideologies are becoming more and more aligned.

I believe bodywork works, especially on the nervous system. After many years and many studies, the most widely supported facts about massage therapy are still it's effects on anxiety, depression, and stress. These are also the same benefits that counselling sessions offer. Interesting! This is why I strive to use hands-on therapy to connect with something deeper. Holistic lifestyle adjustments over time create true health, vitality, and yes, inner peace.

I trust in the power of regular movement. Modern science confirms: Movement is the best medicine. Whether it's moving limbs around during treatment, practicing specific homecare exercises, engaging in a favorite sport, or standing on a mountain doing Qi Gong -- you can be sure I will be advocating for healthy movement during our time together.

Perpetually Curious

I will always be invested in life-long learning. That which I have learned in the past informs my present, and directs me towards the future.

My early interest in seated meditation helped lay the groundwork for my adult life. Later I got into moving meditation (yoga, dance), which brought me to Qi Gong, which became my passion. Massage can often be a potent moving meditation. Zenthai is my newest, and most potent addition to my offerings. These are all things I can share with you.

The medicine of our natural world is powerful. Here on the island, we are blessed with multitudes of wild plants that can be helpful for humans. I enjoy wildcrafting local medicines. The plant medicines of Central and South America have made their way up here too, to mingle with native ceremonies like the Sweat-lodge. All these plants and ceremonies have helped me learn more about our world and how to be a good person within it.

The core philosophy of indigenous peoples worldwide often shares many similarities. I have learned much about the importance of giving thanks and prayer -- Gratitude. Learning more about the teachings and lifestyles of those who originally lived here has helped me understand, and gives hope for how we might create a better world for future generations.