Adrian Uddhava.

Massage Therapy, Zenthai Shiatsu,

Qi Gong, and more... 


Perhaps you're feeling sore, stuck, dull, or inhibited. You'd like to reach your peak potential. Maybe you don't feel as vital as you used to. Life's getting to be a bit much, the pace too fast. 

Peace and contentedness are within your grasp.

I help people find balance. Whether it's body pain & physical function, stress & anxiety management, lifestyle & habit adjustments, or spiritual wellness, I am ready to offer you the tools to maximize your potential.

Zenthai Shiatsu


What is Zenthai Shiatsu? 

Zenthai is a contemporary fusion of ancient techniques. Zenthai occurs on a mat on the ground, fully dressed, with minimal oil. The client experiences tranquil relaxation, deep release, dynamic mobilization, energetic alignment and increased vitality as the therapist creates a custom session based on principles of modern anatomy, 5-element theory, osteopathy, thai massage, and shiatsu.

Zenthai is a meditation of movement and stillness for both client and therapist. Zenthai is Presence in Action. Book a session and find out for yourself! 

Qi Gong

I have been practicing Qigong for ten years now. The ever emerging textures and openings of this art form continue to surprise me, and I feel like I'm just beginning. Even so, I recognise I have a lot to share about this important practice. 

Come to a class, book a private small group lesson, or attend a retreat! 

Registered Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is effective and relaxing, making it an easy choice for many people with aches & pains, stress, and chronic health issues. I offer my RMT services from Victory Therapeutics, a small bustling clinic within the University of Victoria.


I am happy to share the knowledge I've gleaned from both formal education and my lived experience in cultivating health & wellness.